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Change is Hard

changing jobs is difficult

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout Change is Hard I’m going on week 2 of doing nothing – at least nothing work related. For those of you who know me, you know I struggle with not working. There must be something off. Leslie not working? Leslie not continually thinking, “What’s next?” or “Okay, that sounds like a great…

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August Life Goals Update

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout August Life Goals – Update And just like that summer is done. It was a wonderful few months of relaxation, delicious food, and fun times. Even though I was in a bit of a funk part of the summer (the reason I set these particular goals), I’ve got to say I’m feeling…

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July Lifestyle Goals

july lifestyle goals owen and collin playing in water

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout July Monthly Goals Another month done. Holy moly summer is going to be finished before I know it. Even though I’m not ready for summer to end, I always love the beginning of a new month because I get to set new monthly goals. I thoroughly enjoy trying to achieve something and…

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April 2019 Update

leslie looking at owen

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout April 2019 Update April 16, 2019 I’m about two weeks into my goals. Some I’ve been meeting and others I have not. Headspace 5 Min Per Day I have a love-hate relationship with Headspace and meditating. I love the idea of being mindful and present but the process of making it a habit…

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Collin and Owen smiling at each other sitting on chairs

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout The Unreachable: Balance Pneumonia 4 times in 1 year. That’ll change a person. In good ways and bad. After each bout of pneumonia I went through days, weeks, even months of sadness and frustration. Sadness that my life didn’t feel like mine any more. I was succumb to feeling like crap, taking…

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Collin standing on colorful play area in back yard

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout Breastfeeding Challenges Well, the time has come. I’ve decided to start weaning my little guy from breastfeeding. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it, I actually do.  I’m just so done with pumping. I’m done with hauling my pump everywhere, always wearing a pumping bra, and feeling like a cow being milked…

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