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Must Have Baby Items – Baby Hatch

collin standing in crib looking out the window

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout Must Have Baby Items – Hatch Baby June 22, 2019 Nighmares of Sleep Training About 3 months ago, we were struggling with two things: Collin waking up too early and Collin waking up in full scream mode. Since he’d wake up screaming, our first instinct was to rush and get him out…

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Sleep Training

Collin taking a bath sleep training topic

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout Sleep Training Method I never knew how difficult sleep training would be until I had kids. Before Owen and Collin, I thought I knew what tired felt like. I look back at pre-kids Leslie and think, “Seriously? You thought you were tired? Really? Really?” Ian and I were fortunate enough with Owen…

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anxiety leslie holding collin

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout Living With Anxiety I have anxiety. I first noticed it after having Owen – worrying about the usual stuff such as health, safety, work, etc. but with a little extra knot in my stomach. Then, after having Collin my anxiety got worse. I tell myself to chill and remind myself that I’m…

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Mom Guilt

balance collin and owen sitting on leslie's lap

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout Mom Guilt Mom guilt. I first experienced mom guilt when I stopped breastfeeding Owen. Call me naive, but I truly didn’t realize how time consuming breastfeeding would be until I had a baby stuck to my breast seemingly 24/7. Owen had acid reflex, which caused him to cluster feed, so instead of feeding…

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A New Normal

a new normal Collin and Leslie smiling

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout A New Normal I’ve got to admit the past few months have been hard. It feels like my life has been dumped upside down, stepped on, kicked, punched, chewed up and then spit out. I knew adding another kiddo to my life would be hard, but this hard? I had no clue.…

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2 Under 2

ian, collin, owen, and leslie laying on yellow blanket

Login HomeRecipesGoalsReal TalkAbout Surviving 2 Kids Under 2 I can’t believe I’m one of those moms who has 2 kids under 2.  Before having Collin, I had heard horror stories about how difficult that situation could be.  To be honest, while my house isn’t a horror story, it’s definitely a crazy, loud, tantrum filled atmosphere.…

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