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I never knew how difficult sleep training would be until I had kids. Before Owen and Collin, I thought I knew what tired felt like. I look back at pre-kids Leslie and think, "Seriously? You thought you were tired? Really? Really?"

Ian and I were fortunate enough with Owen because he was relatively easy to sleep train. Around 5 months, he started to sleep through the night pretty consistently. Before Collin, Ian and I joked how our second kid would probably be the worst sleeper.

sleep training method

Sleep Training difficulties

Well, those jokes came back to bite us in the ass. From day 1, Collin has been a cuddler. Yes, a cuddly baby is adorable, unless it's 3 in the morning and after having been up multiple times before that. We decided to try sleep training when Collin turned about 5 months old. Considering Owen was so easy to sleep train, we went into the process 100% naive.

Multiple nights in a row resulted in him screaming and us eventually giving in a him getting exactly what he wanted - to sleep in our bed. So, we gave up on sleep training and accepted the new status quo. He'd sleep well for 2 nights and sleep terribly for another 2 nights. This process repeated for a few months. Feeling more and more sleep deprived, we decided to attempt sleep training again.

Did it work? Nope! It resulted in more tears (his and mine) and total, complete frustration. Once again, we went back to letting him sleep in our bed. I'll just say that we were miserable.

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Taking Cara Babies

A few months later, a friend sent us information about a sleep training program Taking Cara Babies. At our total wits end, Ian and I spent the money and gave sleep training a third try. Honestly, I had little faith it would work. I thought there's no way Collin would sleep in his own bed and not wake up in the middle of the night. I thought Collin would be THAT kid this so called "proven" method wouldn't work on.

Before we started the sleep training, Ian and I agreed to be 100% consistent. Even if we had no faith, we would stick to the plan and not give up. We knew the second we got him out of his crib and placed him in our warm comfortable bed, all bets would be off the table.

Well, for almost 2 weeks, Collin has been able to fall asleep in his crib and sleep through the night. Yes, there have been tears - only from Collin this time. An yes, the first few nights and naps were difficult, but overall, he's just cried for a few minutes and fallen asleep. And he has stayed asleep!

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Not For Everyone

While I'm not sure if this sleep training program would work for you, it helped us. Immensely. It gave us the confidence to push through the hard times. It reminded me that I'm not alone and that sleep training, while is difficulty, can be done if it's done consistently. I understand there are some very sensitive/terrible sleepers out there that this would never work for, but if you have a baby and need a sleep training method or know of someone that is struggling, tell them about this program.

Yes, it isn't cheap, but once you've been sleep deprived for almost a year, you'll spend just about anything to get your bed and sleep back to normal.

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