September - Life Goals

september life goals

Cook with Ian 1x / Week

Now that the boys are getting more independent, I’m wanting to get back into cooking with Ian. We used to cook together every weekend. Ever since having Collin, we’ve basically stopped. So, I figure now is the time to start again! But we’ll start small with once per week.

Set Up Kid Friendly Station

I want to buy and set up a kid sized table and chairs for our living room. I also want to buy more art supplies. I’ve noticed Collin and Owen have been enjoying drawing, so I want to offer more opportunities to color and be artistic.

september lifestyle goals

Attend 1 Meditation Class

As I’ve said in the past, I’ve struggled a lot with being consistent with meditation. I’ve tried Headspace on and off for the past 1.5 years, and while I like Headspace, there’s something, I'm not sure what it is, that makes it hard for me to follow consistently. Since Salt Lake has some meditation centers, I’m going to find one or two and attend a few classes to see if these interest me.

Groceries Budget $200 / Week

Ian and I recently discussed our budget for the upcoming year. We spend the most money on food. Shocker, I know! Since I’m mostly in charge of the groceries (because of my job), I’m going to work on budgeting all of the groceries, which includes my Weekly Meal Plan practice dinners to $200 / week.

september lifestyle goals post

create Specific Marketing Plan

Now that my Weekly Meals Plans are live (whoop, whoop!), I need to determine a marketing plan to get the word out. So, this month I’ll be spending time thinking how to market my new business.

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