Hi, I'm Leslie. After becoming a mom of two beautiful boys, I fell into survival mode. In my quest to be Super Mom, I became exactly the opposite: an exhausted, resentful mom.

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So, I went on a journey. I started setting monthly goals, scheduling essential to-do’s, meal planning and asking other moms what worked for them. I slowly went from the Do Everything Mom to the Do What Really Matters Mom. I’m here to share life hacks and help us remember we don’t have to do it all, and we’re actually better off when we don’t.

Meal plans are one of my essential life hacks.  They save time, money and produce yummy, healthy food. Get your meal plan game on! 

The power of setting simple short-term goals is huge, and one of the best life hacks I’ve discovered. Goals help us remember our power and potential and get us closer to the balance in life we all crave.

Learn a simple process for setting meaningful daily, weekly and monthly goals and how to stick to them.  (Hint: it starts with sharing.) Check-out my goal setting suggestions and see how I’m doing on my monthly goals.


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