Easy, Delicious Weekly Meal Plans for Busy Moms!

Weekly Meal Plans

Roughly $5/month

5 dinner recipes (healthy-ish options available)

Shopping list

Peace of mind knowing that dinners are planned

Recipes that are easy, quick and delicious

A smaller grocery bill and less food waste

A spot in The Truthful Take’s Facebook community

Watch me cook at least 2 of the dinner recipes on Instagram TV

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.


With weekly meal planning, you can take the time you would have spent answering that dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question and use it to do all the things you really  want to do – watch your kid’s sports game without worrying that dinner might be another run through the drive through, or take some time to practice your favorite meditation or taking the time to actually watch the next episode of Real Housewives. No? Just me?


Weekly meal planning also means you can save money. How much money have you wasted on ingredients you bought for 1 recipe that were never used again? How many times have you made a dinner that your 3-year-old flat out refused to eat resulting in more wasted food? I can 100% attest to that one! With my meal plans, I make sure the ingredients you buy will be used in totality.  If you buy a 16-ounce container of sour cream, you will use ALL of that sour cream. If you buy the fresh parsley and rosemary, you will use each and every sprig or leaf. I promise.


So, how can we start putting what truly makes us happy first and forgetting the rest? Weekly meal planning. How many hours have you spent scrolling recipes on Pinterest or searching “easy weeknight dinners” on Food Network? What about walking the aisles with a fussy baby while throwing food into your cart hoping by the time you get to the checkout something will sound decent and relatively easy to make for dinner?

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I put together weekly meals plans so you don’t have to.  Each dinner is healthy-ish, meaning you can make substitutions based on dietary restrictions, delicious, and easy to make. Keep in mind – I’m a working mom that also cooks dinner for my family, so I understand the importance of ease. If a dinner is not easy to make, then I’m not going to make it.

How It Works

Every Thursday, you get an email with a calendar of the upcoming dinner recipes, shopping list, and cooking tip of the week. So, come Monday, when your kids are asking what’s for dinner, you don’t have to hesitate or worry or cry. Instead, you already have the groceries (I suggest buying on Saturday or Sunday) and recipes – making the answer to that question easy and the process actually enjoyable.


And then, the fun part comes in...Cooking with ME!

Some of you may feel a little overwhelmed cooking new recipes. So, that’s where I’m here to help. A few nights a week, I’ll be cooking exactly what you’ll be cooking. Think of it as girlfriends cooking dinner together. On Instagram TV, the dinner I will cook for my family will be from the same meal plan you have.


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