May 2019 Update

Spend Individual Time with Both Kids Once Per Weekend

Yup! I’ve been rocking this goal. My favorite activity has been baking with Owen. Collin is still too young to participate in baking or cooking so I usually just play with him. It’s wonderful placing all of my attention on one kiddo. They love it and I love it – a win, win if you ask me.

Read 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

Nope! I spent the past two weeks reading my book club book. It was too good to stop reading. So, now I’m onto my business book. Wish me luck!

Write 5 things I’m Thankful for Everyday

One of my favorite goals thus far. I'll admit I've forgotten a few days, but overall I've done pretty good. Thinking about and writing down things that I love and truly appreciate has helped me put difficult days into perspective.

Drink Alcoholic Drinks Only on Friday and Saturday

I’ve got to say I’m pretty darn proud of myself for having achieved this goal (98%) of the time. There was a Thursday and a Sunday I snuck a drink in, but I’ve been really strict with no liquor during the work week. Yes, it’s been difficult at times (teaching 6thgraders in the Spring is basically a death wish and having a threenager and 1.5 year old under the same roof is just as crazy). But I've kept at it.

Get My Nails Done

No nails painted yet. This goal will ABSOLUTELY get achieved in the next two weeks. I promise.


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