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May 2019 Goals

May 1, 2019

Spend Individual Time with Each Kids Once Per Weekend

Before having Collin, I was completely naïve as to how much busier a second kid would make our lives. Now, our weekends feel like a rat race. Trying to do “fun” activities, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, work, laundry, and fitting in date night gets to be overwhelming. Taking the time to enjoy and be mindful of my boys often gets pushed aside. I want to focus on individual time with the boys so I can truly appreciate them and their cuteness.

Read 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Since I’m soon jumping into running my business fulltime, I’ve been trying to read and educate myself on all things entrepreneurial. By reading this book, I'm hoping to have at least a few takeaways I can implement in my own life.

Write 5 things I’m Thankful for Everyday

As I’ve said before, the rat race of life often leaves me feeling exhausted and completely unappreciative of this amazing thing called life. One of the best ways to be mindful of the great things in life is to write them down, so that’s what I’ll be doing!

Drink Alcoholic Drinks Only on Friday and Saturday

I’ve found that I feel much better physically and mentally when I don’t drink very often. While I love having a drink after work, I find that it makes me over exhausted and ironically not sleep very well. So, I’m going to attempt to keep drinking to weekend days only.

Get My Nails Done

This goal may sound absolutely ridiculous but I need to spend a little extra attention on myself. Every once in awhile I need to put ME first.

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