Life as an Entrepreneur

Well, the first day of school came and went and I wasn’t there. I’ve got to admit, it was weird. And a little sad. But, now that the first week of school is done and I’m sitting at home (after working out, sipping some more coffee, making a leisurely breakfast, reading a bit of the New York Times, and peeing whenever I want to), I’m not sad.

life an an entrepreneur

the good news

In fact, I’m happy. I’m happy my schedule is mine. I’m happy I don’t have to rush off to school in the morning and leave Ian with two barely awake, grumpy boys. I’m happy I can make a doctor's appointment at any time in the day. For those who have taught or have strict work schedules, you will understand me on that one! I’m happy I’m not constantly having to make 6thgrade math interesting and striving towards 100% engagement 100% of the time. I’m happy I get to cook. I haven’t had time to cook in over 1.5 years.

life as an entrepreneur

Not all good

But don’t get me wrong. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Really hard. I work by myself, which can get lonely at times. And currently, I earn $0. Yup, I earn nothing and my kids' daycare costs a lot more than $0. I do have some exciting projects coming up (have you checked out my weekly meal plans) that will most likely earn some money, but those projects are focused in an industry that I’ve only dabbled in. So, to say I have imposter syndrome (feeling like I don't belong) is a total understatement.

frustration & anxiety

Knowing what to work on and when, setting my schedule and being strict to that schedule has also been a whole-other ballgame I’m trying to figure out. To go from a job that has every minute planned or scheduled to a job that has nothing set in stone is difficult and frustrating at times.

life as an entrepreneur blog post

but in the end...

One of my favorite parts so far is the day to day process being all experimental and seeing what works and doesn't work. Yes, the unknown can cause a lot of anxiety, but overall it keeps things exciting. I love that every day is different and new. The possibilities are endless. And I get to cook. Did I mention that?! When it comes down to it: if I’m cooking, I’m happy.

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