June Monthly Goals

June 28, 2019

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How is it already the end of June and the end of another set of monthly goals? It seemed like we had the longest winter in Salt Lake, so I’m just starting to get my sun tan. Even though this month flew by, I was able to achieve a lot of my goals for June 2019! Here’s the breakdown of how I did…

Drink 8 Glasses Water/Day

Honestly, this was one of the harder goals to achieve. I’m just not a huge tap water type of lady. I love, love, love sparking water but for this goal, I wanted to focus on just drinking 8 glasses of good old regular tap water. Plus, I seem to have the bladder the size of a small rodent, so after drinking 1 glass of water I have a need to pee every 5 minutes. But, since I work from home and can use the potty whenever I need (unlike teaching where you can only use the restroom during select times of the day), I figured I had no excuse! Monday-Friday I did decently well. I struggled more on the weekends because frankly, I’d just forget. I do think this is a goal I’m going to have to consciously work on in order to make it something I do regularly.

Tell Ian What I Love About Him/Day

I did this goal 99% of the time. There were a few days I forgot but overall, I rocked this goal. I loved doing this because even on my hardest days - where I struggled finding gratitude, reminding myself of the awesomeness of my husband truly helped knock some thankfulness sense back into me. I highly suggest you and your spouse or partner doing this for a month. Ian also set this as a goal of his, so it was fun to hear what he loved about me!

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Work for 3 Hour Block in Morning

As I said in a previous post, I recently read "The One Thing" by Gary Keller. This book helped me understand the importance of taking a 4 hour work block to focus on the 1 thing I need to work on - so everything else in my business becomes easier and quicker. I determined my 1 thing is working on blog posts, so I can increase site traffic. So, most mornings this month, I worked on blog posts from about 9am-12pm. I wasn’t perfect – I still had my phone next to me, I still had social media breaks, and definitely struggled with staying focused on certain days, but overall, I truly buckled down and had some excellent morning work sessions.

No Takeout Monday-Thursday

I can proudly say I only cheated on this goal once! And it was because Ian’s parents were in town. It was really nice saving the money and calories associated with take out. Ian and I also enjoyed and appreciated our Friday night take out dinners much more. This is definitely a goal I will continue working on in the future.

Put Phone Away When Boys Are Home

I did this about 60% of the time. I definitely could have improved on this goal. It’s a little scary how I’m so reliant on my phone. I found myself just scrolling through Instagram or reading the news without even thinking about it. I did make a conscious effort to put the phone away more than I did in May, but I still have lot of room for improvement.

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Brainstorm & Implement 2 Ways to Reduce Stress

Dealing with my stress and anxiety has always been a struggle. But I figure the first step is to recognize that I need to better handle my stress, especially when it starts to affect my sleep and health. The first way I reduced stress and anxiety was to workout. I started working out from 8-8:45 on Monday-Friday mornings. If I’m not able to workout during those times, then I find an alternative time. I haven’t been able to workout much this past year and a half because of sickness, so now that I have the time and my health has improved, all excuses are off the table. I have to put my health first and that means I have to, or rather I get to, work out.

The second way I’m dealing with stress is writing down my stressors and the ways I’m dealing with those stressors. A few things I wrote down this month:

Not enough site traffic to boost SEO --> site traffic won’t increase over night. It takes time. I am also working with a company to improve SEO.

Collin is still dependent on his bottle --> That’s okay. He’s only 1.5 years old. There’s no obvious negative consequences for him still needing his bottle.

I feel tired and I’m nervous I’m getting sick again --> I'm not going to drink tonight and I’m going to get into bed 30 minutes early.

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