July Lifestyle Goals - Update

I think I say this every month, “Where in the world did the days go?” I can’t believe it’s almost August, which means, Fall is right around the corner and then BAM here’s Christmas! Not really, but time certainly does fly. Unfortunately, this month was not my best. I got a little disenfranchised with my goals. I’m not exactly sure why. A few ideas are vacations and sicknesses.


Going on vacation is always a lot of work and honestly exhausting with two young kids. And we all got a stomach virus so, eating well, working out and waking up early didn’t happen for a solid week. Usually I’m 90% passionate about achieving my goals but this month I was about 70% in. Just a bit of a funk. But that’s okay. I use these times to evaluate why certain goals didn’t work and how I can change my outlook for next month. Here’s the breakdown on how I did.

collin sick laying on ian

Veggie Into Owen’s Diet 3X’S/Week

I would say this goal was achieved about 50% of the time. It’s hard to put a percentage behind this one because I wasn’t actively keeping track. While it’s hard for me to say I absolutely had Owen eat three veggie filled meals per week, I CAN say with confidence that my mindset has changed. When I plan dinners, especially for the boys, I’m now always thinking how can I get more veggies or fiber into this meal?


I’m also being stricter. Owen often won’t even try a dish before saying he doesn’t like it, so I’ve been very strict and consistent with requiring him to eat at least one or two bites saying no. And more times than not, he continues eating the meal because it tastes so good! While this is a work in progress and one I’m 100% going to continue with, the few recipes I’ve found that he has gobbled up are my easy lasagna, quick meatballs, pasta bake, beef tacos (I puree spinach and chop up bell peppers and put those into the meat), and veggie burgers.

owen at splash pad

In Bed 9pm, Wake up 5:20am

I have found getting into bed by 9pm is nearly impossible. Not completely impossible, but nearly. I think I was only able to achieve this goal about 5 days this month. Since Owen still takes a nap at school, he doesn’t really get tired until after 9pm. So, we usually start getting him ready for bed around 9 and then I eventually end up in bed around 9:30. Not perfect, but I am still conscious about getting into bed earlier if it’s possible.


I did much better on the wake up side of things. I usually woke up around 5:30am every morning. This is a goal I will definitely continue working at. My ultimate goal is to consistently wake up at 5:15, but that will take some will power I’m not sure I have! For the weekends, I usually slept until 6:30ish or until Collin woke us up. I’ve read it’s easier to keep a 5am wake up time if you’re consistent throughout the entire week (including weekends), which again, I’m not sure I have that type of will power!

ian and leslie drinking beer

Workout With Ian 1X/Week

I was terrible at this goal. I think we scheduled a walk one time the entire month. I obviously didn’t prioritize it because we didn’t schedule them out in advance. This is something I need to work on.

collin and owen sitting on table

Say Highlight of the day

Surprisingly, Ian remembered this goal more often than I did. I would say we said our highlights about 80% of the month. On the days we didn’t say them we just simply forgot! I enjoyed this goal because it helped, especially on hard days, to realize that even though a day can seemingly go to shit, there are good moments. I just have to actively think about them. On the good days we often said 3-4 highlights, which was especially fun.

green smoothie lifestyle goals

Drink a green smoothie everyday

Once again, I completed this goal about 80% of the time. While on vacation, I skipped the smoothies. Also, by the end of the month, truthfully, I got tired of making and drinking smoothies. I love to switch things up, so having a smoothie every single day got a little monotonous. After drinking the smoothie, I loved how it made me feel but will I continue making a smoothie every single day? Nope! It might be a once or twice a week deal.

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