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June 22, 2019

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Nighmares of Sleep Training

About 3 months ago, we were struggling with two things: Collin waking up too early and Collin waking up in full scream mode. Since he’d wake up screaming, our first instinct was to rush and get him out of his crib ASAP. Then, Collin noticed over time that crying got him out of the crib, so he started to wake up earlier and earlier each day. As his wake up time crept closer to 6am and then 5:30am, Ian and I started to panic. This kid is just going to keep crying earlier so he can get out of his crib! I had flashbacks and nightmares of sleep training and fears of turning back into a cranky, exhausted zombie was turning imminent.

Not quite sure what to do, I asked a few friends for advice and must have baby items they used. The Hatch Baby was the most common response. Since my desperation had hit an all-time high, I quickly bought one on Amazon and started “wake training” him. And it was a total life saver.

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"Wake Training" Process

At night, we set the color of the Hatch to white with a background noise of TV static. Then, when Collin woke up screaming, per usual, we would wait for any moment of calm. At the beginning, it was when he took a few breathes between screams. Finding calm was basically impossible. But any moment of non-screaming, we’d turn the Hatch to green- meant to represent the time to get out of his crib, would go into the room very excited and happily exclaim that he gets to get out of his crib. If he had actually been calm before turning it green, I would tell him he gets out because he was calm and not crying. As we exclaimed that he gets out of his crib and he was calm, we also pointed to the now green Hatch and say, “See it’s green, you get out now!” Sounds ridiculous, but it worked. Kids do best with consistency. So, if you do the same thing every day, they come to expect it.

Then, the next day we repeated what we did on day 1. Always overly happy to see him and pointing out that the Hatch was green, so he got to get out. I really tried to wait until there was any sense of calmness before turning it green. Or if that was impossible, I waited a minute before changing the color. Then, the next day I waited 2 minutes. Each day I extended the time.

ian holding collin eating a donut

Forever Recommend Baby Hatch

It took Collin a few weeks to recognize that when the Hatch was green he got out of his crib and he came to accept there was not much point in crying before then. So, now when he wakes, he sings, hangs out, or looks out the window. I’m still very enthusiastic when it is time to get him and always compliment him for being calm and not crying. I also still point to the color so we still reinforce why he gets out.

Even though Collin is still an early riser (about 6:15), he’s calm when we wakes, which makes all the difference. Starting your day with a happy baby is so much better than starting the day with a kiddo who is frustrated and already exhausted from screaming.

I will forever recommend the Hatch. Just keep in mind, the machine doesn’t “wake train” your kid, you do. It’s all about consistency – if you’re consistent with your expectations then the kiddo will know what’s coming. Happy sleeping!

*I am not a sleep training expert. This was a method that worked for me but may not work for others. It was not endorsed by Hatch Baby.


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