August Life Goals - Update

And just like that summer is done. It was a wonderful few months of relaxation, delicious food, and fun times. Even though I was in a bit of a funk part of the summer (the reason I set these particular goals), I've got to say I'm feeling much better and lighter. While some goals I rocked (not drinking during the week) there were a few I struggled with, and one that I failed for a second time in a row!


Check Phone & Email Once / Hour

I achieved this goal beautifully somedays and terribly others. Currently, I'm struggling with the fact that email correspondence and social media are directly connected to my job. Yes, I had email when teaching but could easily check it once a day and be fine. This is a different part of my profession that is hard to get used to; specifically not checking my email over and over again. So, like past goals, this is something I will continue to work on.

september lifestyle goals

Don’t Drink During The Week

Not to toot my own horn, but I rocked this goal. I truly pushed myself to stay true to my word and not drink Monday through Thursday. I even opted to not drink some weekend evenings! Yes, I had a few cheat days here and there but overall I am happy to say I kicked this goal’s butt. And while drinking during the week is a hard habit to stop, just being more aware of it and asking myself, “Do I really need a drink tonight?” is exactly what this goal achieved, so I’m happy with that.


Mindfulness 10 Min / Day

I suck at mindfulness. Like really suck. I’m most likely going about it the wrong way, which is probably why I failed this goal miserably. And this is the second time I’ve attempted this exact goal, and I failed it the first time too. Ironically, I think I do a pretty darn good at being mindful throughout my day to day life, but there are moments where I struggle with anxiety and slight depression, so I keep thinking and questioning - if I actively practiced mindfulness would those struggles with anxiety and depression just decrease? But the issue comes down to actually practicing mindfulness. I can’t do it consistently. Any suggestions on this topic, I’m all ears!

Listen to 3 Podcasts / Week

I love listening to podcasts. I had, for a brief time, forgotten about this love. But now I’m back, baby! Currently, my favorite podcast is The Daily. Some weeks I might have listened to 2, but overall I did great with this goal.


Move My Body 30 Min / Day

I love, love, loved this goal. I loved that it always put that little thought in my brain, “You need to move today, Leslie.” Yes, there were days where I didn’t move – especially Saturdays and Sundays but this goal absolutely pushed me to move my body most days whether that was walking, doing crunchies, walking lunges around my kitchen, or going to the gym. I will definitely keep this goal going long term.

september life goals

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