August Lifestyle Goals

I’ve talked a bit about my experience with anxiety and depression. Recently, I’ve noticed a bit of a funk has been seeping back. I wouldn’t characterize it as depression – just a bit of a loss of interest. As I mentioned last month, I felt unmotivated in my July goals. And while brainstorming August’s goals, I felt the same ‘meh’ response. Why? I’m not exactly sure. I think the reality of not having a “real” job has hit. While all my coworkers will be going back to school soon, I won’t. I’ll still be at home, trying to make money doing this whole blogging/writing thing.

While I wouldn’t take my decision to quit back, and I’m 100% confident that was the right decision, I feel a bit lost with trying to form my new career. Yes, I understand that this process (making blogging a true money making career) will take time, but somedays it’s hard to accept that. So, I think my current career insecurities are sinking into my day-to-day subconscious, which has led to my funks. So, I decided August was going to be the month personal goals that are aimed at getting this momma back to her happy, positive, butt kicking usual self.

august lifestyle goals leslie and owen

Check Phone & Email Once / Hour

It’s funny I’ve set this goal because while teaching I never checked my phone or email. I was too busy – teaching! But now that I work from home, I have found that my phone and email are excellent distractors. It’s a little scary how I don’t even realize I’m checking my email or seeing the notifications about my kids at daycare. The habit of looking at my phone is deep and one that I need to fix.

august lifestyle goals collin and owen

Don’t Drink During the Week

This is a repeat goal but one I want to do again. I loved not drinking during the week because it made me sleep better and feel more energized for the workday. I also don’t like feeling reliant on something – like having a drink at the end of the day, so this is my way of showing that I don’t need that drink. I may want it but I don’t need it.

Mindfulness 10 Minutes / Day

Once again, I’m repeating a goal I’ve done in the past. Since this month is all about personal improvement, and I know the benefits of mindfulness, I’m going at it again. The fortunate thing about this attempt is I don’t have to practice my mindfulness at night, which proved to be ineffective. Working from home allows for a more flexible schedule, so I’m going to attempt to practice my mindfulness mid-morning.

august lifestyle goals collin and ian

Listen to 3 Podcasts / Week

Listening to podcasts used to be my jam. The Daily, Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, and TED Radio Hour were few of my favorites. But ever since quitting teaching I’ve stopped. And you know what? I’ve missed them. So, here’s to listening to 3 each week. They can be about any topic and any length.

august lifestyle goals collin and june

Move my Body 30 Minutes / Day

As I’ve written previously, I recently read Rachel Hollis’s new book Girl, Stop Apologizing. If you’re looking to better yourself in any manner – work, physical, mental, personal – I highly suggest reading this book. Rachel is amazing. Almost too amazing. Reading her books always makes me want to be a better person for myself and my family. But, the one take away I want to focus this month is the importance of movement. She moves (walks, runs, lifts weights, hikes, bikes) 30 minutes every day. So, here’s to moving my own body 30 minutes every day. That includes weekends too, people!

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