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April 2019 Update

April 16, 2019

I'm about two weeks into my goals. Some I've been meeting and others I have not.

Headspace 5 Min Per Day

I have a love-hate relationship with Headspace and meditating. I love the idea of being mindful and present but the process of making it a habit can often feel like a chore. I’ve been consistently able to do my Headspace about 5 days a week. Once the weekends come I’m in need of a break. I also struggle a bit with the time of day I do it. While my original intention was to do it before bed to rest my mind, I often find I’m so tired from the day that all I want to do is get into bed.

Listen to 5 Mommy Podcasts

I've said, and will continue to say, mommying is hard. Very hard. And anything I can do to lessen the difficulties of parenthood I will do. So, that means education! I want to educate myself on how to be a better mommy. So far I've listened to 2 of the 5 podcasts. The best takeaway I got out of both of them is that it's OK for a toddler to have a tantrum. It's OK if they cry and experience emotions that make adults feel uncomfortable (i.e. crying). Sometimes our littles just need to experience their frustration. Until they cry and go through the process of feeling frustrated or mad, they can't properly move on. With this idea in mind, I'm trying to have a bit of a different mindset with Owen's tantrums.

1 Veggie and Fruit for Lunch and Dinner

I’ve been meeting this goal about 90% of the time. I have changed the time of day I eat my fruits and veggies. I've been including breakfast and excluding lunch more often than I thought. My staples have been cooked spinach and thawing frozen berries/mangos. Realisitically, I should have a smoothie everymorning, but that’s a lot of work! That sounds like an excuse, but it's true. Since I haven’t pre-planned or prepped the smoothies, my kitchen becomes a disaster and I don’t need to start my workday with more chaos.

Exercise 3x’s a Week

I have NOT set foot in a gym, taken a walk, or even attempted sit ups in my basement. I have 100% failed this goal. I blame it on a cold I got from Ian. I’ve found that my body turns colds into pneumonia in a blink of an eye, so I’m laying low on the exercise front. We’ll see if it improves the second half of the month.

Apply to School

I also have not applied to school. To be honest, I’m not sure if that is where I should be prioritizing my time. So, as of yet no application.




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