Living With Anxiety

I have anxiety. I first noticed it after having Owen - worrying about the usual stuff such as health, safety, work, etc. but with a little extra knot in my stomach. Then, after having Collin my anxiety got worse. I tell myself to chill and remind myself that I'm being overly worrisome. But more often then not I turn into a big ball of nerves. I don't want to be "that" mom who is overly protective and turn my kids into worry worts. While understand the importance of letting my kids explore and take risks, it's hard. Really hard.

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Acknowledgment of Anxiety

If I have ever have a 3rd kid, I worry I'll just implode from anxiety. Kidding. Kind of.
What makes me feel better is acknowledging it. Accepting that I have anxiety and that it's something I have to work on. Just like exercising or eating well, dealing with my anxiety is something that I need to consciously work on.

Thank goodness for Headspace, Oprah SuperSoul Conversations, and self improvement books - Rachel Hollis is a favorite author of mine. Also, thank goodness for a patient husband. He would never tell me to chill, rather he just goes along with the wild ride.

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It's a process

Having kids seems to go like this: It takes 9 months to put on the baby weight, 9 months to take it off, and your psyche will never be the same. However, I'm okay with that, if I get to look at these two little buggers every day.

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