Leslie Shelledy

My Story

After becoming a mom of two beautiful boys, I quickly fell into survival mode.  I was stressed, anxiety ridden and just plain worn down.

Why? Because I was a mom trying to do everything.  Work, cooking, laundry, playdates, exercise, date nights, plus all else that comes with being a “good” mom.  In my quest to be Super Mom, I became exactly the opposite: An exhausted, resentful mom. I was doing it all but doing it poorly and became completely removed from enjoying the life I had built.

One day it hit me. What’s the point in trying to be Super Mom when I just end up being Crappy Mom?  So, I went on a journey to find my “it” factor again - I wanted to find what made me happy. I wanted to find the things that made me wake up excited about starting the day.  On this journey, I realized I had to let go of perfection and the need to do it all. So, I started the process of prioritizing my needs - setting monthly goals, meal planning, asking other moms what worked for them, and getting TRUTHFUL about the difficulties of being a mom.

Life Change

I slowly went from the 100% Do Everything Mom to the Do What Really Matters Mom.  My life changed.  I learned that by focusing on our (my and my family's) priorities and what truly matters, I became happier. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. You know what also happened? My family was happier. Allowing myself to be content with NOT doing it all also allowed for imperfection, dirty hands, more play, and a lot more laughs.

I still have my hard days, but the overall atmosphere in the Shelledy household is more loving, patient and absolutely more fun.  I finally learned to focus on what matters and forget the rest.

family photo of leslie, collin, owen and ian

A Journey

On my journey, I realized I was not alone. My friends shared the same struggles and confessed that the drive to achieve it all was also causing their relationships and well-being to decay.

So, here it is: I’m inviting YOU on a journey. A journey to find your “it” factor again.  A journey to find the things that truly make you happy. Will your journey be different than mine? Absolutely. And that’s okay.  It’s all about choices, and choosing what feels rights, not choosing what we are supposed to choose.

I’m here for all the moms who feel lost, overwhelmed or just need someone to commiserate with.  I’m here to share life hacks and help us remember we don’t have to do it all, and we’re actually better off when we don’t. 

I’m no expert, just a working mom who needed, and still needs, help to make life the best it can be.  I have plenty of down days, but now can happily say they are seriously outnumbered by the up days.  When you’re ready, I invite you to start your own journey with me.


hi, I'm leslie

Whether it's through nutrition, mindfulness, spending more time with family, setting monthly goals, or just finding the things that make us happy in life (Real Housewives of New York anyone?!), working towards any semblance of balance is the ultimate goal. Join me as I go through a journey to find the best ways to go from Super Mom to the Do What Really Matters Mom.


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