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BALANCE. Since having my second child, Collin, I felt I had lost any sense of balance. Getting pneumonia 4 times in a year, feeling disconnected from a job I didn't like (teaching 6th graders), handling what seemed like daily, if not hourly, toddler tantrums, breastfeeding and/or pumping around the clock and slipping farther and farther away from a life that I could proudly say was mine, made me realize I needed a change.

I needed to find balance. What is balance? Balance is determining what's the most important thing for me and my family at a certain point in time. Maybe it's focusing on my healthy (mind and body), enjoying my career, being present with my children, or being excited about the future. It can also include taking time for ME, saying "No" to cleaning the house, or possibly having an impromptu ice cream run to Normal. Balance is understanding and finding a way to prioritize my time with what my life needs at the moment. Maybe I find that balance with eating more veggies and meditating more, but I could find it by spending more time with girlfriends or taking time to bake a chocolate cake.

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Why 801eats?

I'm no expert. I'm just a busy, working mom who needed and STILL needs to find some sort of normalcy for my mind, body, family, and work. While I do feel like I have some pretty helpful life hacks - hello monthly goals - I will always be on the journey to find balance.

One of my favorite quotes captures the essence of this blog: "You don't find balance, you create it." 801eats is a platform to help busy moms who feel as though their 'it" factor is gone. It's for those who feel their life is no longer recognizable as the enjoyable, relaxing, peaceful life they once had.

Keep in mind that finding balance for you will come in many different forms. Either it's finding the right nutrition - a juicy, meaty bacon cheeseburger that satisfies the lick your fingers, OMG deliciousness you need in your life ASAP or an entree salad that fills the soul with all types of healthy greens, 801eats is here to help. Maybe you need the guidance or push to put YOU first. Or just everyday Real Deal talk from a mom who doesn't beat around the bush. I'll be the first one to tell you that being a mom is hard - really hard.

I'm Here for You

With all that in mind, 801eats is here for you. It's here to give you the tools in life to find the balance needed to make your life yours again.

Keep in mind my advice isn't for everyone. Do I let my kids watch tv while I cook dinner? Heck yes! Do I not brush my kids' teeth some nights because I'm too exhausted to do one more thing? Yes. And I'm not ashamed to admit it. Also, keep in mind, I'm not perfect. I'll be sharing what works and what DOESN'T work and the struggles of the daily grind.

As I continue my own journey, 801eats is my way of giving you all my life hacks so we can work together to find that long lost thing called BALANCE.


hi, I'm leslie

Whether it's through nutrition, mindfulness, spending more time with family, setting monthly goals, or just finding the things that make us happy in life, finding balance is the ultimate goal. Join me as I try and find balance in my own life.

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