3 Cups

3 Cups

One of my favorite past times is visiting a coffee shop. Whether it’s to do work, meet-up with a friend, or simply relax with a cup of joe, 3 Cups is my go to coffee shop in Salt Lake. My requirements for a favorite coffee shop? Comfortable atmosphere, top notch coffee, and tasty treats. Fortunately, 3 Cups meets all of those requirements.

Large glass windows results in plenty of natural lighting, making the atmosphere feel bright and welcoming. Seating is varied.  Options include intimate booths, large circular tables, bar style seating along the windows, or a large communal wooden table. If the weather is nice, seating outside is also a great option. While seating is most often available, during peak times it can be tight.

cucumber toast with lemon on white plate
3 Cups gets me coming back because of its tasty treats. It serves everything from morning tarts (puff pastry topped with ham, cheese and egg), steel cut oats with granola and fruit, cookies, brioche buns, gluten free items, avocado toast, and much more. An added bonus is the homemade gelato. The High West stracciatella and pistachio are my favorite flavors.

toast with turkey and jam, minestrone soup with toast, iced tea

To wash down all of the fabulous goodies, 3 Cups brews beans from Blue Copper and La Barba – local roasting companies. All I have to say is YES PLEASE. It’s the perfect cup of coffee for early mornings or a mid afternoon pick me up. If regular coffee isn’t your jam, they also provide the usual drink alternatives – chai, matcha, ice tea, cortado, etc.

If relaxing in a modern, comfortable atmosphere, drinking delicious drinks, and eating homeamde treats sounds like something of interest, support a local company and stop by 3 Cups. You won’t be disappointed.

The Deets

3 Cups
4670 S. 2300 E.
Holladay, UT 84117
Monday-Friday 6AM-8PM
Saturday 6AM-9PM
Sunday 7AM-6PM

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