10 Lifestyle Goals

June 24, 2019

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Entrepreneur Goals

As a lot of you know, I recently quit my job, so I can help other moms through meal planning, lifestyle goal setting, and feeling comfortable with talking about the difficulties of mommy hood. While I’m ecstatic to have this opportunity for a career change, I’m also 100% overwhelmed. I still have to earn money and I still have to work +40 hours per week without someone telling me what, when, and how to do everything.

Being an entrepreneur is exciting because I get to decide where and how this next career phase goes. I don’t have to attend worthless professional developments because it’s written in my contract. I don’t have to stay in a building until 4pm because the boss says so. I don’t have to ask for permission to see the doctor because I only have 10 sick days. I’m my own boss. I make every decision and get to do what I want to. So much freedom! But with that comes the - oh crap, I have so much freedom feeling.

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Will Power

Now, I’m thinking do I spend the next hour working on advertising? Do I spend the next hour recipe testing? I’m really tired today, should I spend the next hour resting? I want to see that friend I haven’t seen in months, so maybe I’ll just have a coffee with her and work in the afternoon - once I have absolutely no stamina and just want to watch my show. Having so much freedom is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

Thankfully, I have extreme will power. Not to brag, but when I set my mind to something I often achieve it. There’s something so satisfying when I say I’m going to do something and I do it.

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Goals for a Purpose

At the end of teaching and the beginning of The Truthful Take, I felt a bit lost. And then a book entered my life right at the perfect moment – Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Harris. It’s a book that helps women adopt the needed skills to achieve their dreams whether it be getting fit, strengthening their marriage, or running their own business. In the book, she talks about setting 10 goals you want to come true in your own life. Some are longterm goals that won’t happen over night, others are goals that can be consciously work towards and accomplished everyday.

So, I wrote down my own 10 goals. And as I said before, once I set out to achieve something, I usually do it. Yes, it takes consistency and hard work, and there are days where I fail miserably, but I’m willing to put in the time and sweat if it means I get perks of achieving what I set out to do.

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How The Goals Helped Me

How did these goals and affirmations help me? How did they become a life hack that so far has proved worth while? They helped give me purpose. They gave me a bit of guidance and push to work towards 10 exceptionally important components in my professional and personal life. Rachel says that if you write something down every day and truly believe they will happen, the goals and affirmations almost become a part of your psyche, so you believe them to be true before they actually happen.


This is of my goals: I’m a present mom, wife and friend. Every single morning, I write this statement down. By doing so, I’m reminded every day of what I want to be - present. Meaning I want to conscious of my boys when they talk about their day at school or I actually want to look at them and take in their cuteness and soak in their age before they turn 18 and are moving out of the house. Writing this statement down helps me truly listen to Ian’s response when I ask him the usual, “What did you do at work today?” Because I genuinely want to know. I think many of us ask our partners or friends, “How are you doing today?” out of habit and not out of wanting to actually know the answer. But I want to know the answer and I want my partner or friends to feel that I care about their answer. Keep in mind, I do struggle with being consistent. I still have many times where I ask Ian how he’s doing and my mind is immediately off to the next to-do item. But with writing these goals and affirmations down every, I practice and remind myself the importance of this goal and how I am going to be a present mom, wife and friends no matter what.

I'm Going To Do It

Since another goal of mine is to have 2 sponsors by June of 2020, I’m going to work my butt off to prove that I can achieve this goal. By having 2 sponsors, it means my business is going in a direction that I’m proud of. It also means that I’ve started to earn a living, which is the ultimate goal. If I’ve written it down, put it out into the universe, placed it into my psyche, then gosh-darn-it, I’m going to achieve it – and possibly even more.

By writing these goals and telling you about them, I’m held responsible. I’m held to a higher level of expectation because I don’t want to let you down and I especially don’t want to let myself down.

So, here are the rest of my goals and affirmations. Yes, you may think some are silly or disagree with what I’m setting my focus on, but this is me. Take it or leave it.

      1. I always put my health first.
      2. I am a present mom, wife, and friend.
      3. I earn more money than Ian.
      4. I have +200 clients by June 2020.
      5. I have 2 sponsors by June 2020.
      6. I am passionate about my job and don’t take it for granted.
      7. I am not scared to fail.
      8. I save $500/month by December 2020.
      9. I don’t care what other people think of me.
      10. I learn 2 business related times everyother week.


If you have an area or areas in your life you've been wanting to work on, I highly suggest reading Rachel's book. I can't stress the importance of striving towards something and achievement of goals. It's truly been life changing for me. This is definitely a life hack I'll be sticking with!


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